Please note that we are by appointment only and the salon does not have a receptionist. We are a collective of independent artists who manage our own clients, messages and schedules.  To get in touch with any of the artists, please see the booking and contact info below. We are also very pleased to announce the new addition of Shaped SF to the salon. Shaped SF specializes in non-surgical body sculpting like laser lipo, butt lifts and detox/lymphatic drainage. Scroll down to find more info on Shaped SF.



Miriam @nailsonfuego

Miriam is the newest artist to join Sparkle SF. She specializes in natural nail care and soft gel extensions to add length to your nails. She loves painting art on tiny canvases so bring her your inspiration and let’s make it happen!  Click here to book Miriam.

Nichol @niccisweetznails

Nichol is a incensed nail tech specializing in natural nail art & gel extensions. She’s certified in COVID mental health first aid so let’s get those self care days on point ladies.  Click here to book Nichol.

Kimberly @0nemorecoat

Kimberly is an experienced nail tech with a knack for nail art and making nail dreams come true.  Her talent has become so in demand that she’s had to close her books for a bit. Check back again to see when she will be accepting new clients again. 


Mia @superflynails

Mia is the founder of Sparkle SF and salon manager. She’s currently not accepting new clients at this time. To book her for photo shoots or editorial work, contact her agency Aubri Balk, Inc.

Questions? Email


Shaped SF believes every body is beautiful just the way they are. No matter what shape or size, we want you to love you for you. Beauty is about accepting and loving who you are. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Our mission here at Shaped is to help restore your confidence and help you fall back in love with you and your body. We love every BODY. Click here to book an appointment with Shaped.