Please note that we are by appointment only and the salon does not have a receptionist. We are a collective of independent artists who manage our own clients, messages and schedules.  To get in touch with any of the artists, please see the booking and contact info below.


Nichol @niccisweetznails

Nichol is a incensed nail tech specializing in natural nail art & gel extensions. She’s certified in COVID mental health first aid so let’s get those self care days on point ladies.  Click here to book Nichol.

Kimberly @0nemorecoat

Kimberly is the newest artist on the team. She is an experienced nail tech with a knack for nail art and making nail dreams come true.  Click here to book Kimberly.

Questions for Kimberly? Email Kimberlyhaines@


Mia @superflynails

Mia is the founder of Sparkle SF. She’s currently not accepting new clients at this time. Questions? Email